traduzioni legali e giuridiche

L&D traduzioni giuridiche:

an innovative, highly qualified and specialised approach
to translation, interpreting and training of translators and interpreters in the legal field

L&D traduzioni giuridiche was created from the synergy between two professionals working in two different but complementary fields: a translator/interpreter and a lawyer. By combining established linguistic skills and an in-depth knowledge of legal matters, L&D traduzioni giuridiche offers its clients a final product that is extremely accurate from every viewpoint.

The aspects relating specifically to translation and interpreting are dealt with by Luca Canuto – a conference interpreter, translator and university lecturer. Over time, he has developed a specific expertise in legal translations and as an interpreter in law-related events, firstly as an in-house translator in a translation agency that specialised in this field, and then as a free-lance translator with increasingly frequent assignments received from clients over the years.

The specialised legal consulting is provided by Dario Mazzardo, a lawyer who has developed a highly specialised set of skills throughout his university studies and the years he spent working with one of the leading law firms in Milan. L&D traduzioni giuridiche offers translation and interpreting services from and into the main European languages, exclusively in the legal field.

L&D traduzioni giuridiche caters at the wide range of individuals and entities that gravitate around the complex world of the law, or have to deal with it for work-related and/or personal reasons, thus needing a legal translator or a court interpreter: law firms, notary practices, patent offices, legal departments in companies, as well as private individuals for their own legal matters. In this context L&D traduzioni giuridiche provides sworn and legalized translations at the Court of Milan.

L&D traduzioni giuridiche designs and organizes specialist training courses and seminars on legal translation for translators and interpreters, that are recognised by Italy’s leading associations of translators and interpreters for continuing vocational training purposes.

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Milano, venerdì 15 novembre 2019 e sabato 16 novembre 2019

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A partire dall'A.A. 2019/2020


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